The World

The 3rd Century AD is a very complicated moment in the history of the Roman Empire and the ancient world in general but also - from the point of view of a storyteller - a pretty good one.
It is a situation that has been described as apocalyptic, and which is quite suitable as a backdrop for sword & sorcery stories in the style of Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, Karl Edward Wagner,  Michael Moorcock or Glen Cook.

In the 3rd Century AD, the Empire is going through a widespread and pervasive crisis: economical collapse, religious struggle, political corruption, the legions out of control.

Commerce and communications are becoming erratic.
In the northeast, barbarians are pressing the borders along the Rhine.
 In the south, Egypt and the Middle East are subject to the expansionistic aims of the Palmyrene and Sassanid Empires.
The title of Emperor is claimed by many generals, each backed by his own troops.

In the world of Aculeo & Amunet, on this historical background is overlaid an element of Lovecraftian supernatural horror.

There are hostile entities hiding in the dark corners of the world, and degenerate cults worshipping them as gods.
Magic works, but it's rare, dangerous and there's a high price to pay for using it.